Surroundings and nature

DC REZIDENCE is part of the sports and relaxation and gastronomic complex  (restaurant with terrace, dining-canteen, burger bar, tennis courts, beach volleyball, indoor sports, fitness center, etc.)

Near the building there is a natural park with the educational trail Modřanská rokle, which connects the towns of Modřany and Libuš and at seven stops it acquaints us with the fauna and flora, the geological structure and the history of this protected area. The route runs along an asphalt road, but if you leave from Modřany, it is possible at the end of the trail near the town of Libuš to go down to the blue tourist mark and go to Písnice. We recommend this part of the trip, it is not suitable for bicycles, as the main asphalt road, but it is much more romantic. The pavilion is flowing through the valley and you will have to cross a strain from time to time. In addition, you will find fewer people here, so your trip experience will be more intense. Another educational trail is the Celtic Trail, which passes through the vast Celtic Závist fortification with powerful valleys and ditches and a beautiful view of the surroundings. Thanks to a number of field and forest paths, the whole area of ​​the natural park is well flowing.